About Us


Molecules Hub started up in 2015, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. We started off as a small retailer in the field of Sports Nutrition and in 2016, went on to become the first Official Importer of Sports Nutrition supplements, from Eastern India. We are the Exclusive Distributors of various international brands of sports nutrition supplements, in India. We’ve tried to stay true to our core belief – “Affordable Authenticity” and to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers. We are totally committed to serve the people and to bring a change in the industry not only by selling the most premium quality sports nutrition products at the most affordable rates, but also by making people around us aware of the field of fitness. We owe a huge thanks to all of you for joining us in this awesome journey, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story and help us grow even further.

August 2015

Bharat Khanna, a fitness enthusiast, is a victim of a box of fake whey protein powder. He is intrigued to do a research on this and find out more as to how he landed up with a fake.

Octomber 2015

After an intense study and realizing the magnitude of the fake supplement industry, Bharat decides to at least make his friends and family aware and safeguard them from cheap duplicates which are detrimental to the human body.

November 2015

Molecules comes into existence. Bharat uses his saved pocket money to locally procure protein supplements from reputed whole sellers and starts supplying at the gym where he works out. Authenticity Ensured. Friends love the service

January 2016

Molecules is now a famous whole-seller in Kolkata, catering to a lot of fitness enthusiasts across the city.

March 2016

Intense Brainstorming: Molecules is now officially “Molecules Hub” with a registered office. We plan to make it big and work towards taking up distributorship of some eminent company. We initiate negotiations with The Protein Works (UK) & Ultimate Nutrition (USA). After some conversations, we pen down a contract with both the companies, for Official Distributorship in India.

April 2016

Molecules Hub is now on Facebook and Instagram spreading a word on fitness.

May 2016

We order a sample consignment to test in laboratories and to view customer feedback. Lab tests are positive and customers love the products. Molecules Hub applies for registration of trademark, under the Govt. of India.

June 2016

We order our first official consignment to India. Some change in import regulations, a few hiccups and glitches, troubles surface for us. Molecules Hub has to slow down and await further regulations to resume trade.

March 2017

Up and running once again and stronger than ever before, we have done all our homework better than ever and are ready to take the Indian Market by storm.

April 2017

Molecules Hub is now officially a registered Trademark under the Govt. of India.

June 2017

We order our second official shipment to India. Fingers Crossed this time.

August 2017

Both our brands are finally available across India on online portals as well as offline channels. Positive feedbacks help us grow in size and reach.

November 2017

Molecules Hub has an offline Authorised Reseller in 20 states and union territories combined and an online reach on all major platforms. Molecules Hub launches a 3 factor authentication system to assure the customers that any product picked up across India, having the Molecules Hub official importer sicker, is genuine and not a fake

December 2017

Molecules Hub gets shortlisted & nominated by Ne8x India, as the top 30 (MSME) emerging brands of India in 2017in the Health & Fitness Category.

July 2018

Molecules Hub wins the title of the Top Emerging Brand (MSME) of India by Ne8x, in the Health & Fitness Category.

September 2018

A lot of new players emerge in the markets from Mumbai and Delhi. India suddenly has a lot of importers with a lot of new imported brands. Molecules Hub is facing some fierce competition.

December 2018

Molecules Hub is seeing a decline in their sales, as people are drifting to newer brands being imported by new players. Nonetheless Molecules Hub waits for markets to stabilize

April 2019

New Financial Year and new hopes. Molecules Hub starts off on a positive note with some regenerated demand for our imported brands.

June 2019

Market dynamics change suddenly. Sales have slowed down and Molecules Hub is waiting once again for markets to stabilize

August 2019

Things start spiraling downwards for Molecules Hub. Sales are at their lowest and Molecules Hub can sense a shift in consumer preference to other brands.

Octomber 2019

Molecules Hub is facing a huge crisis and stocks are moving slower than ever. Warehouses are full to capacity with little or almost no movement. The team can stare at darkness ahead as losses start creeping in.

December 2019

Molecules Hub starts clearing majority of stocks on discounted prices. With expiry dates approaching, most of the items are cleared at prices below cost. Molecules Hub is facing some serious heat. Things are not looking good.

March 2020

Covid-19 Lockdowns halt business completely. Molecules Hub has had the worst 10 months incurring huge losses already and all the more in the pandemic situation, as sales hit point zero.

April 2020

With total uncertainty of the lifting of lockdowns, large quantities of stocks expire in the warehouses and have to be discarded. Losses keep piling up. The times are tough for the entire team. The future of Molecules Hub is highly uncertain. The end seems near.

May 2020

Bharat (founder of Molecules Hub) does not want to give up yet. He utilizes his time during the lockdown to do an intense research and starts collecting feedback from as many people possible (resellers/end consumers). After intense brainstorming sessions, phone calls, text messages and brand research, he comes up with a plan. It’s time for Molecules Hub to adapt to market changes and become more dynamic and aggressive just like our competitors from other states.

June 2020

Lockdowns are lifted partially. It’s now or never for Molecules Hub. Grabbing onto the last straws, Bharat decides to go all in with the savings and Capital of Molecules Hub. Eyes are set on a new brand with whom they have negotiated in the past few days = Olimp Sport Nutrition.

July 2020

The first shipment of Olimp Sport Nutrition arrives in India. All items ordered are in high demand in the market. Shipment is sold out within hours of arrival. It is the fastest sale Molecules Hub has seen of any brand till date. Some much needed relief

September 2020

The second shipment of Olimp Sport Nutrition arrives in India. This time it is sold out even faster. Consumers love the new brand and all products coming in are the ones in high demand in Indian Markets. The name Molecules Hub, is once again gaining popularity amongst the people. Molecules Hub team can breathe a sigh of relief.

November 2020

Molecules Hub, riding on highly positive reviews, is flooded with offers from various global brands and export houses to start an association with them. It is way too overwhelming. The gamble of going all in with that last bet seems to have paid off

December 2020

Molecules Hub makes some dynamic decisions. However at the same time they have to be careful and cannot take too many risks. The team has learnt from their past mistakes and will not settle for anything but the best now.

Feb 2021

New Year, New Moves. Molecules Hub now has a contract with 6 of the biggest global sports nutrition brands. The news is greeted with much joy and excitement by all our resellers and end-consumers. A lot of shipments are expected soon, with loads of new items for the Indian Markets from all these brands. Fingers Crossed.

Mar 2021

The shipments finally reach India and suddenly there is a change of scenes all around. Almost everyone wants a share of these brands and goods are overbooked. Demand surpasses sales by huge volumes. Everything is Sold Out within days. Molecules Hub ends the financial year on a high. The covid-19 pandemic and lockdown came as a blessing in disguise to the team. Molecules Hub is stronger than ever.